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Hattesohl Surveying's Professional Services:
Property Boundary Surveys: A survey to determine property boundaries between land owners. The surveyor will use the land owner’s deed, and other land survey records to find existing property corner markers and set new markers as needed to identify the client’s corner locations.

Property Split Surveys: A survey to split an existing tract of land into one or more smaller tracts of land.

ALTA – NSPS Land Title Surveys: This is the most comprehensive type of survey and improvement location. It covers all aspects of the boundary survey and improvement location and identification of any additional evidence of possession or use, which could be adverse to the interests of the purchaser. This type of survey is normally only performed on commercial property because of the expense involved. Click on the following link for a copy of the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys.

FEMA – NFIP Elevation Certificate Surveys: A survey to determine if the land owner’s property is in a flood zone.

Horizontal & Vertical Control Surveys

Topographic Surveys (Engineering – Architectural Design)

Construction & Layout & Staking

Surveyors Real Property Report: A location of improvements and a cursory check for encroachments onto or from the subject property based on existing but not confirmed evidence will be made. This report does not constitute a Boundary Survey and is subject to any inaccuracies that a subsequent Boundary Survey may disclose. No boundary markers or corners will be set and this report should not be used or relied upon for the establishment of any fence, structure or any other improvement. No warranty of any kind is extended therein to the present or future owner(s) or occupant. Click on the following link for a copy of the MO Dept. of Natural Resources Standards for Surveyor's Real Property Report.

Plat of Survey: The client will receive a drawing detailing the results of the survey. At the clients request an electronic version of the drawing can also be provided in an AutoCAD (.dwg) or Adobe Reader (.pdf) format.

Richard measuring a cornerstone that was set by the county surveyor in June of 1878. The non indigenous stone, was found underground. After exhuming the stone it measured 32" x 8" x 2" as noted by the county surveyor in a copy of his original notes below. 
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